The Twitter Adventure continues…

I continued my Twitter adventure this week by exploring a few of the education related hashtags listed on The first one I searched was #mathed and this led me to a great article on game theory ( ). I am hoping I will have time this year to talk to my students about game theory since I think it is one of the most interesting math related fields of study. If I use examples from the movie A Beautiful Mind and the Super Bowl, I think it will really grab my students’ attention.

I am currently teaching math, but I am working on becoming a school librarian so the next hashtag I searched was #teacher-librarian. This search led me to an article about a librarian who created a site for teachers where they can earn technology badges. The librarian/media specialist Laura Flemming says that she is a big proponent of informal learning and she has created badges in several areas including QR codes and video editing. Flemming also states that the “majority of the staff at New Milford High has joined” her site. “I don’t want them using any tool because it’s cool,” she says. “I only want them using tools…that will help kids’ learning.” (Full article:

Next I looked at my lists and found another interesting post by one of my classmates – an infographic on the best educational hashtags ( It’s a great combination of a Wordle and an infographic. I then entered #infographics and found some infographics about infographics that I love, as well as a good one about why we need librarians.


what-is-an-infographic 2


As I explored Twitter I found that each post that caught my interest and useful led me to another search. While I was looking at the “Many Reasons You Need Your Librarian” infographic I started thinking about an interview I have this week and entered #librarian #interview. There I found two very helpful articles on interview tips and questions to ask my interviewer – and

I also searched #web20tools and found a link to a list of “10 Educational Games That Teach Kids About Social Issues” – I was particularly interested in this list because I have an advisory class at the end of each day and Fridays are dedicated to SEL lessons (Social and Emotional Learning). Some of the videos and lessons we are provided are lacking because they are boring or the students view them as “corny”, so I am going to experiment with a few of the games on the list and will hopefully be able to incorporate them into my SEL lesson.

Not only did I find some great information along my Twitter adventure this week, but I think I was somewhat behind in realizing a big advantage that Twitter has over Google and Facebook. I liked the fact that the interview tips I found were recommended by (or tweeted by) librarians among a sort of community of librarians. I think of it as a sort of recommendation that I would not have gotten from a google search. But the best part is that I don’t have to be “friends” with the other librarians to see their recommendations and comments. I see now how the ability to “follow” anyone is a fantastic component of Twitter.

Phone Apps:
As far as exploring apps on my phone, I’m afraid I have an admission to make – I don’t have a smartphone. (I know this sounds crazy and I am way behind in this area, but my last few shopping trips have left me disappointed for various reasons so I still do not have a smartphone.) I tried to download Hootsuite onto my Kindle Fire, but there was an “unknown error”. I did however set up a Tweetdeck account online and I really liked the way that it was organized by columns.

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